Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Virtual Book Club For Kids (Denise Fleming)

This month, we read lots of books by Denise Fleming as part of the Virtual Book Club for Kids. Lucas seemed most interested in Beetle Bop.

This book reminded me of the Beetle game I used to play as a child, and so after a quick trip to the store, we were ready to play a fun game and learn about beetle body parts!

Lucas had a practice with the red bug to see how the beetle was pout together, and we discussed all the different body parts as we went.

Then it was time to spin the spinner and put a beetle together! Lucas wanted his to be a rainbow beetle. As well as learning about the body parts, this game was also great for fine motor skills, vocabulary and learning to take turns.

Lucas won the first round, and was very excited about his rainbow beetle. I can see this game becoming a firm favourite, as he was happy to put all the remaining beetles together after we had played the game.

I would love to know which games you remember from your childhood, as I am constantly on the lookout for ideas. Do you remember Beetle from your childhood?

Dreaming of Fancy Footwear

The time has come to think of shoes that will compliment my Autumn and Winter Wardrobe. I walk almost everywhere, so I need boots that are flat, comfortable, last the distance and are weatherproof.

My trusty suede boots have been on my feet for seven years, and I love that I can wear them with or without the fur trim showing.

However, they are getting a bit old and so it is time to invest in some new footwear.

Here are a few of the boots I have added to my wishlist.

Nimble- I love the plaid detail- and how funky are the purple suede version! I want both the black and purple ones. At least there is a buy one, get one half price on these, so it is totally justified.

Online boots- Django and Juliette is one of my favourite footwear brands and these black ankle boots have such a sweet bow detail. These would look so cute with my black and white flare skirt and some black opaque tights.

For brown boots, I have had my eye on these ones for a while.

Ruffle Boots- British Style Women's Knee-High Boots With Solid Color and Ruffle Design. These boots are so cheap and they come in black too! I would love these shoes to complement the Boom Shankar dress I am thinking of getting. These boots and that dress would be my happy place. 

Zip Ankle Boots- These boots would be great for a lighter brown option. I do prefer a round toe over a pointed one, and these look like they would be comfortable to wear.

Onto some fun options.

Melanie Jane Clarks- I am totally lusting after these, the colour is gorgeous! Plus they come in a half size, which is fantastic as my feet are a pesky 6.5 and it can be hard to find shoes in my size.

These Karl Black Glitter Gumboots- I am in love. The picture is blurry, but you have to check them out. Black glitter gumboots with a patent bow. Perfect for making the preschool run on a rainy day in style!

Finally, my perfect pair of black boots. As mentioned above, I need some replacement everyday black boots.

These Lorenza boots look comfortable, with adequate support for walking around in. Plus they are similar to my name, so it must be a sign. They are also a smaller circumference, which I look for in a boot as I have chicken legs and a lot of boots gape on me. They are the priciest shoes on my list, but I will most likely get the most wear out of these and comfort is worth paying for.

I would love to know which boots you like best- help me make a decision!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

K5 Learning Announcement

K5 Learning has an online reading and math program for kindergarten to grade 5 students. I've been given a 6 week free trial to test and write a review of their program. If you are a blogger, you may want to check out their open invitation to write an online learning review of their program.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.

Sadly this week we had a total photography stand-off. Neither of my children were happy to have a camera anywhere near them so this is the only photo I have of them, after about 20 outtakes.

However, I always stress the importance of being in the photo, so I will cherish this week's portrait.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Triple Threat- Scarves

Today I am linking up with the Triple Threat-Scarves.

I never used to be a scarf person, but now that I have to do preschool runs first thing in the morning, it can be quite chilly around my neck.

I have found that a scarf can be a perfect way to instantly add more excitement to an outfit. It can  lift my whole outfit when I am wearing jeans, a jersey and sneakers to do errands and run around after the kids.

My motto is- A little bit of glam in my SAHM!

I got this scarf as a gift from Amazon and I am in love with the ombre tones. Before this scarf I only had hand-knitted ones that were about ten years old, so this is definitely out of my comfort zone. However, i can see myself buying a lot more scarves as we head into winter!

CASE Study Challenge- Moment

I have really been getting into using Project Life style cards on my card making projects recently, and this week's CASE study inspired me to use one.

The layout reminded me of one of the cards, and the finished design came together exactly the way I had imagined.

I cut the title from another card and coloured in the word "moment". The starts were fussy cut and popped up on 3D tape, and I added a sequin to the middle instead of a heart. I love the bright colours and the sequins add some bling without being too flashy.

The pre-designed Project Life cards make it so easy to put together a card, and I can see myself getting through my leftover cards easily using techniques like this.

Supplies used:
Creative Memories: Navy cardstock
Close To My Heart: Lollydoodle sequins, White Daisy cardstock, 3D Foam Tape
Project Life: 3x4 card
Stampin' Up: Pretty In Pink marker.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Friday nights at our place are usually referred to as Family Fun Night. It is the end of the week and we all enjoy doing something together on a Friday night.

This Friday night, while the boys were getting cleaned up from dinner, a Pirate came to visit and left a few things on the table.

The note read-
Because you've been such a pleasure, look inside to find some treasure!
Five gold nuggets need to be found, where are they? Just look around!

Lucas looked inside the pirate hat, and found the first clue. He put on the pirate hat and read-
I know just where the first one went, it was left inside a tent.

Lucas was so excited to find some treasure!

But there was another clue-
The second nugget- here's a clue, it's nestled in your Mother's shoe!

The next clue read-
On to golden nugget three, this one's where your hat should be!

A look in his chest of drawers was enough to discover the golden nugget.

Tricky nugget number four, Is hiding behind a hallway door.

The last one hasn't gone too far, it's resting down by Dad's guitar.

The hunt's now over, it was fun, now share your gold with everyone!

Lucas did indeed share his pirate gold, and it was a great way to fill in the gap between dinner and bath time.

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